US 95 in Arizona

US 95 in Arizona


US 95
Get started San Luis (MEX)
End Ehrenberg
Length 125 mi
Length 201 km
  • Mexico
  • San Luis
  • Somerton
  • Yuma
  • Quartz site
  • California

According to, US 95 is a US Highway in the US state of Arizona. The road forms a north-south connection in the southwest of the state, and runs from the border with Mexico via Yuma to the border with California at Ehrenberg. The last section is double numbered with the I-10. The road is 201 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The road begins at the Mexican border at San Luis. Immediately south of the border is a larger town of the same name with 138,000 inhabitants. The road here connects to the Carretera Federal 2, the road from Tijuana to Hermosillo. US 95 then runs north through the irrigated valley of the Colorado River through farmland. Immediately east of this is the Yuma Desert, a sandy desert. The road then reaches the town of Yuma, which has a population of 87,000 and is one of the most important cities in Arizona. The road then runs east for a bit and then crosses Interstate 8, the highway from San Diegotowards Tucson. The road then turns north and goes through the Yuma Proving Grounds, one of the largest military proving grounds in the world, the size of the province of Overijssel. The road then leads through the empty Sonoran Desert, and the next town is more than 100 kilometers away. Dramatic desert landscapes with steep mountains and rocks unfold along the way. The last section before I-10 runs straight for 40 kilometers. One then reaches the desert village of Quartzsite, where US 95 merges with Interstate 10, the highway connecting Los Angeles to Phoenix. The road then runs double -numbered for the rest of the route with I-10 until the border with Californiaat Ehrenberg. US 95 in California then continues towards Las Vegas.


Although US 95 was created in 1926, it was not yet in Arizona at the time. In 1940, US 95 was extended to Blythe, the town on the California-Arizona border. In 1961, US 95 was extended southward to the border with Mexico and thus became Arizona.

Traffic intensities

The road still handles quite a bit of traffic between Yuma and the border with Mexico, up to about 20,000 vehicles per day. In Yuma, 36,000 vehicles drive on the busiest part. Outside Yuma, the road is very quiet, with only about 2,000 vehicles per day between I-8 and I-10.

List of Busiest Highways in Arizona

This is a list of busiest highways in Arizona, a state in the United States. The numbers come from the state’s Department of Transportation. The intensity is from the location north or east of the indicated intersecting road.

road number Place Location Intensity (2008)
US 60 mesa SR-101 264,000
I-10 tempeh Broadway Road 262,000
I-10 Phoenix 16th Street 257,000
I-10 Phoenix 7th Street 255,000
US 60 mesa Dobson Road 255,000
I-10 Phoenix 3rd Street 254,000
I-10 Phoenix 3rd Avenue 243,000
US 60 mesa Alma School Road 236,000
I-10 Phoenix 7th Avenue 233,000
I-10 tempeh 48th Street 229,000
US 60 tempeh I-10 228,000
I-17 Phoenix Peoria Avenue 228,000
US 60 mesa Country Club Drive 227,000
I-10 Phoenix 43rd Avenue 227,000
I-10 Phoenix 24th Street 226,000
US 60 mesa Mesa Drive 226,000
I-10 Phoenix I-17 223,000
I-10 Phoenix 40th Street 222,000
US 60 tempeh Mill Avenue 222,000
I-10 tempeh Baseline Road 221,000
I-10 Phoenix 35th Avenue 221,000
I-10 Phoenix 19th Avenue 221,000
I-10 Phoenix 27th Avenue 218,000
I-17 Phoenix Cactus Road 218,000
US 60 tempeh Priest Road 217,000
US 60 tempeh Rural Road 214,000
I-17 Phoenix Greenway Road 210,000
I-17 Phoenix McDowell Road 209,000
I-17 Phoenix Camelback Road 209,000
I-17 Phoenix Indian School Road 208,000
US 60 mesa Stapley Drive 208,000
I-17 Phoenix Northern Avenue 207,000
I-10 Phoenix 51st Avenue 207,000
I-17 Phoenix Thunderbird Road 202,000
I-17 Phoenix Glendale Avenue 202,000
US 60 mesa Gilbert Road 202,000
US 60 tempeh McClintock Avenue 201,000
I-10 Phoenix 59th Avenue 200,000

US 95 in Arizona