Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios is within the States in terms of popularity, the No. 3. Theme parks , world it is after the number of visitors by its own account in 7th place bids is what Universal dominates: movie themes become rides (rides), Film scenes suggest the reality well-known places and places, shows show doubles of well-known stars in action-packed scenes.

1000 Universal Studio Plaza, Orlando, Tel. (407) 363 – 8000, admission $ 85 including tax (as of 2000), open daily from 9 a.m., closing times depend on the season, parking in a large paid garage ($ 6) in front of the theme park (Video-monitored). Guests staying in one of the two Universal Orlando Hotels – Portofino Bay Hotel and Hard Rock Hotel – receive Universal Express, skip-the-line access to nearly all rides and attractions at Universal Studios and the Islands of Adventure theme parks (show room key and of the admission ticket). With 5.04 million visitors, the park was ranked 10th among the most visited amusement parks in North America in 2010.

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Main attractions

Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit: This attraction is a steel roller coaster from the model X-Car Vertical Coaster from the manufacturer Maurer Söhne, which was opened in August 2009. With a maximum height of 51 meters and a top speed of 105 km / h, the roller coaster is one of the fastest of its type. A looping-like driving element is built in, but it does not represent an inversion, since the up and downhill sections are twisted around the longitudinal axis so that the train is not upside down at the apex.

Revenge of the Mummy: This is also a steel roller coaster (manufacturer Premier Rides). It was opened on May 21, 2004. The special thing about this roller coaster is that it was built inside a building. Dark roller coaster or dark ride are the subject-specific expression here. On the 671 meter long route, three acceleration sections were built, which accelerate the trains to 72 km / h. The passenger must be at least 1.22 m tall to be allowed to ride.

Twister: Ride It Out: Anyone who knows the film knows what this is about. As a spectator you can experience the raging of a tornado from a safe distance in a 5-story building. Storm and rain as well as the “flying cow” are modeled in a lifelike manner. But be careful: the covered standing places are not “rainproof” everywhere; our visit was wetter than a visit to the flume!

Terminator 2: 3D: Arnold Schwarzenegger in full action with a motorcycle, rapid-fire rifle and absolute accuracy, corresponding speed and volume in a 3-D film. For those who like these films, definitely the right one.

Universal Horror Make-Up Show: For those who love horror films. Masks and tricks are clearly demonstrated and explained in show form.

Accessible directly from Universal Studios is the Hard Rock Cafe, reputedly the world’s largest in the shape of an electric guitar. The exhibition located in it is one of the largest rock’n roll collections with 500 items.

Main topics

The park is divided into six main themes: Hollywood, Kids Zone, World Expo, San Francisco / Amity, New York and Production Central. Parts of the theme park are based on or based on a film set. This worked out quite well, you might think you’re in New York, Hollywood or San Francisco. The permanent music drizzle illustrates the stage-like.


Universal gives you access to the park half an hour before the official opening times (9 a.m.). Early starters have the opportunity to be among the first to queue at the most popular attractions. Estimated waiting times for the attractions are displayed throughout the day on a tip board opposite Mel’s Diner (roughly in the middle of the park).

Post your visit to the main attractions into the early evening hours, when the queues are getting shorter, and visit the stage shows during the day, which usually have enough seats. You can find out about any current film productions on the premises at the Guest Service (in the main entrance) or by labeling the production boards. Written park guides (maps) are also available in German at the main entrance or on the right hand side of the turnstiles (turn-stiles).

Following the example of Disney’s Fast Pass, Universal has now also introduced a reservation system to avoid the queues in front of the main attractions. The whole thing is called Universal Express and is used in Universal Studios and the Island of Adventures. Around 20 kiosks in the parks accept reservations from visitors for rides and shows. You will then receive a ticket and the waiting time should be a maximum of 15 minutes.

There are gradations with regard to the authorization to make reservations:

  • Hotel guests of the Portofino Bay Hotel or Hard Rock Hotel are placed at the head of the waiting line when they show their hotel key;
  • Holders of multi-day tickets can make up to three reservations at once. If these have expired, further reservations are possible.
  • One-day visitors can only make one reservation at a time. If this has expired or two hours have passed, another reservation can be made.

If you want to leave the park for a short time or visit the Hard Rock Cafe, you have to have your hand “stamped” at the turnstiles at the exits.


Universal and Disney’s Hollywood Studios (until 2008 Disney MGM Studios) are similar in terms of the subject of film and the content of what is offered. A visit to one of the two parks is enough during a trip. A whole day is needed to ensure that the evening events are well worth seeing. Disney is said to have the better 3D effects, which we confirm. Still, from the adult point of view, if a choice is required, we would opt to visit Universal, not least because of the larger horror offerings.

Universal Studios Florida