United Arab Emirates 2015

United Arab Emirates Capital City

Yearbook 2015

United Arab Emirates. According to COUNTRYAAH, Abu Dhabi is the capital of United Arab Emirates which is located in Western Asia. The United Arab Emirates took part in an alliance within the Arab League, led by Saudi Arabia, which in March launched air strikes against the Shiite Muslim Huthirbels in Yemen, in support of deposed President Abd al-Rahman Mansur al-Hadi. In September, when 45 Emirati soldiers were killed in a raid against an armistice in Marib in eastern Yemen, it was the country’s biggest loss since the independence in 1971, and three days of country mourning were announced.

The government announced changes in labor law to strengthen the rights of guest workers and, among other things, give them the right to break contracts and change employers. Like other states of the Persian Gulf, the United Arab Emirates had been criticized for almost slave-like conditions for the millions of foreign guest workers who make up a majority of the population of the country.

In October, elections were held for the third time in the Federal National Council, in which half of the 40 seats are elected by electoral colleges consisting of approximately 225,000 citizens. The turnout was 35%. After the election, Amal al-Qubaisi was appointed President and thus became the first woman in the post.

Five Yemenites were transferred in November from the US Guant芍namo Bay detention camp to the United Arab Emirates. The men had been held in the prison camp for 14 years without being prosecuted. The country had previously received a prisoner from Guant芍namo, an emirate sent home in 2008.

United Arab Emirates Capital City