Treatment at the Dead Sea, Israel

Medical Treatment at the Dead Sea


The Dead Sea region is distinguished by an amazing combination of natural resources with healing properties, such as: a special spectrum of ultraviolet rays; sea ​​saturated with salts; thermo-mineral pools rich in sulphur; therapeutic mud, dry air, favorable climate, constant temperature in any season. Even in the Bible, the Dead Sea is mentioned in connection with its unique properties that contribute to the treatment of various skin diseases. But only in the last few decades, clinics have been created that use the accumulated medical experience of many generations. The healing properties of the Dead Sea have proven to be effective in the treatment of diseases such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, vitiligo, rheumatism, etc.

Patients with psoriasis were the first patients who were convinced of the life-giving effect of the Dead Sea and were cured – in whole or in part – of their ailment. This category of patients remains the largest among patients who come to the Dead Sea for treatment. Care for psoriasis patients involves a gradual increase in sun exposure combined with Dead Sea baths and moderate use of ointments. These can be emollients such as body oils or petroleum jelly, or ointments containing tar, sulfides or salicylic acid. The optimal treatment duration is 4 weeks. Staying for a month at the Dead Sea gives results that are consistent with the effects of conventional drugs, but the benefits of treatment at the Dead Sea are obvious. The most significant is the absence of side effects, inevitable when taking medications. Another advantage of procedures at the Dead Sea is the complete absence of dependence on potent ointments, the long-term use of which often carries a certain danger.

Patients with dermatitis are the second largest group of patients who come to the Dead Sea for treatment. They receive treatment similar to that given to patients with psoriasis, but with some significant differences. Sun and sea baths are usually postponed for several days. The patient’s response is constantly monitored. The process of treating patients with dermatitis is carried out at a slower pace, as the patient gradually acclimatizes. The recommended treatment time is not four, but six weeks. The most optimal treatment results are achieved from March to June and from October to December.

Vitiligo sufferers receive a four-week course of treatment based on non-heliotherapy. The most successful results are observed if after a year the patient returns to the Dead Sea for re-treatment.

The success of the cure for rheumatological diseases is largely facilitated by a unique set of favorable factors: high temperature, low humidity, high barometric pressure, oxygen saturation of the air, high bromine content in the water.

The air of the Dead Sea pulmonologists of the world rightly call permanent inhalation. Breathing the vapors of the Dead Sea water is the first way to normalize mineral metabolism, as it contains all the microelements of the periodic table. The main volume of air comes from the Judean Desert. Hundreds of kilometers of hot head stone, on the way of which there is no water, vegetation and industry. In this connection, the air comes to the Dead Sea incredibly clean, allergy-free and very dry (up to 25% humidity). This combination creates a high therapeutic effect in many pulmonological problems, up to bronchial asthma.

The water of the Dead Sea itself is the most unique state of matter, which has not yet received a specific name. From 33 to 43% of dissolved salts of the entire periodic table. How nature managed to create such a concentration is still not clear. It is known that when immersed in this water, a buoyant force is created that balances the body weight – weightlessness, in which, as in space, a relaxation of the muscular frame is created. Bathing in this water is the second way to normalize mineral metabolism. In addition, it is known that in this water the content of table salt, which is so harmful to us, but we cannot live without it, is extremely low. 30 mg. In 400 grams of total salts in a liter of water. Wherein,

An equally unique creation of nature is the Dead Sea mud, which has a powerful anti-inflammatory and hormonally active effect, containing neither antibacterial nor hormonal components in its composition. Currently, the Dead Sea mud is recognized as the world’s best mud, surpassing even the mud of the Saki resort in terms of effectiveness. What makes them so effective is quite clear. The microparticles of the Dead Sea mud are almost three times smaller than the Saka mud (140 microns of the Saka mud and 45 microns of the Dead Sea mud, which makes their permeability significantly higher and a much higher concentration and representation of microelements).

An important rehabilitation factor of the Dead Sea resort is the high content of bromine salts in the air, 10 times more than in the air of Moscow, which is incredibly important when conducting anti-stress programs for chronic fatigue syndrome. This factor is especially effective for politicians, managers, athletes, actors, scientists – people with an extreme way of professional activity.

The location of the resort at a great depth significantly increases the external barometric pressure, and hence the partial pressure of oxygen, i.e. the conditions of a natural pressure chamber are created, which is incredibly important in patients with cardiopulmonary pathology, as well as in patients with diabetes mellitus.

Brief description of the basic course procedures

Peeling is a light massage using Dead Sea salts and aromatic oils. During this procedure, the top layer of the exfoliated epithelium is removed, which contributes to the restoration of skin functions, as well as a more effective implementation of the impact on skin pathology.

Head treatment – a complex procedure that includes a special head massage with mineral / aromatic oils, as well as (according to indications) rubbing in special natural creams / ointments, medicines, electro-tono effects, etc.

Mud masks/wraps/applications – pillodotherapy procedures (purified mud from the Dead Sea) are carried out according to a special technique depending on the pathology. In particular, masks for the scalp area are made with the addition of special emollient components, face masks are made only (!) Using cosmetic products with the addition of mud, etc.

Inhalations – are carried out using natural aromatic oils or medicines (according to indications).

Massages – depending on the type of pathology at the initial consultation, the type of recommended massage is determined from the following list: general classical, massage of large paired joints, diaphragmatic, relaxation, cosmetic, pneumomassage, etc.

Cosmetic cleansing – a procedure for cleansing the pores of the skin of the face / shoulder girdle, back from sebaceous pigment and pathological secretions.

“Antistress” – a procedure using the method of thalassotherapy (the use of various preparations based on algae and other sea products). The gels used in wraps act directly at the cellular level and help relieve stress.

Hydrogen sulfide baths – prescribed according to indications, carried out directly at the hotel according to the method determined by the spa doctor in each case.

Therapeutic and cosmetic complex – a procedure that includes light mineral peeling, facial and neck cosmetic massage, therapeutic masks in accordance with the type and individual characteristics of the skin, a special physiotherapeutic effect.

All programs include:

  • initial visit to the doctor, final determination of the program; balneological treatment according to the number of recommended procedures and the schedule for the implementation of treatment;
  • visiting a doctor as needed at least twice a week;
  • balneoheliotherapy – in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations;
  • providing the patient with creams, ointments and oils throughout the entire period of treatment;
  • performance of all procedures by highly qualified medical personnel
  • a basic set of procedures depending on the type of pathology;
  • final examination by a doctor and issuance of a medical report with recommendations.

Medical Treatment at the Dead Sea