Travel to Son Bou

Son Bou

Menorca’s longest beach is called Son Bou and is located in the middle of the lower coastal strip. Very close is the village of Alaior with its cheese farms and picturesque houses. But if you concentrate on Son Bou, you should know that this beach, 3 km long sandy beach and the tourist resort behind, is one of Menorca’s most child – friendly places. Then you should certainly ignore the western part of the beach Son Bou which belongs to nudists and nudists. But apart from this, the resort has everything you could wish for as a holidaying family. Inside the buildings is also a small water park for all sun-loving and playful children and adults.

The beach in Son Bou

As mentioned above, the sandy beach is about 3 km long and has a mixture of fine-grained sand and rocks. Therefore, it can be smart to bring a pair of slippers. You can only have access to the beach from the car park, as it is lined with a nature reserve and becomes more desolate and sparse the further away you go. Son Bou beach is partly shallow and suitable for all ages, but keep in mind that there may be underwater currents a little further out in the water. Admittedly, diving, snorkeling and play are very common here, but you should still be on your guard if you swim out all by yourself.

The holiday destination Son Bou

According to Ehistorylib, Son Bou is also a quiet holiday destination suitable for relaxation and recovery. Here are some hotels and shops in the middle as well as a longer promenade where you can jog, walk or look at people. Since Son Bou is specially adapted for children, there are several supermarkets and shops where you can buy baby stuff, food or diapers. But if it is shopping you are craving, you should rather go to Mahón or Cituadella which is easily reached by taxi or bus. A bus ride in costs only SEK 20 and a taxi SEK 180. However, you have to pay a little extra if you need a car seat in the taxi.

Son Bou has a number of restaurants, but if you want a wider range of restaurants, you should go to the cities. On the promenade along the shallow beach, there are about fifteen restaurants, but if you are looking for something extra, you should go to the larger cities. The small village of Alaior, just a stone’s throw from Son Bou, also has some local eateries and cafes. Here you can also go during the ongoing festivities that are celebrated every summer around the whole of Menorca. In Alaior, the fiesta is held at the end of August and in Mahón, which is not far away, you can watch the celebration in September.

The surroundings

From Son Bou to the rest of Menorca it is never far. This is a small island and all places can be easily reached, either by car, bus or bicycle. The bicycle network is well developed, as the road network is not to the same extent. There are several villages near Son Bou, such as Alaior and L`Argentina with Menorca’s largest zoo.

And believe it or not, this little holiday gem also has an old church ruin from the 400s called Basilica Paleocristiana de Son Bou. If you like adventure, you can also look at the ancient cave Cales Coves on the west side. Here you can paddle or go by boat and marvel at the 91 prehistoric openings that have been preserved for such a long time.

Son Bou