The 10 most dangerous travel destinations

The 10 most dangerous travel destinations

There are enough dangerous travel destinations in the world. Even in Europe there are one or two countries that are considered somewhat dangerous by the “RiskMap”, which classifies countries according to security levels. It is also surprising that Germany is not one of the countries in which an insignificant threat rate is diagnosed, but rather one of the countries with the second lowest level “low”. Switzerland, the Baltic States, Luxembourg and Belgium are therefore safer than Germany. But it is also really dangerous.

Adventure vacation in the most dangerous vacation countries in Africa

If you look at another continent, namely Africa, it is not surprising to find some dangerous countries there. The highest security level is “extreme”. This applies in Somalia, parts of Sudan, Congo and in Mali. There, the Foreign Offices have issued the highest warning level for holiday and business travelers. Law and law in these countries have been wholly or partially suspended, civil war is raging. If you still want to or have to travel to these countries, you should be careful and inform yourself beforehand about the conditions.

African security climbers include Morocco, Tunisia, Malawi and Mozambique. These countries have only been assessed with a low security risk. So there is hope for improvement even for the countries classified as extreme.

Conditions in the Middle East as in parts of Africa

The countries of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan and Palestine are also classified as extremely dangerous. There are some civil war-like conditions in the country itself and between the countries. It is strongly discouraged to travel to these countries. There are also safer areas, for example in the more rural areas, but it is still not safe.

Even more dangerous than in the war zone

The crime rate in major cities in Latin America is known to be one of the highest in the world. Nowhere else in the day are so many people killed as in Mexico City, Caracas, or Belém in Brazil. But things are even worse in Honduras, where an average of 159 out of 100,000 inhabitants are murdered. That means more people are murdered than in the war zones in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, it also affects the ever popular holiday destination Mexico. A few years ago, the country was classified as not very risky, according to the RiskMap level “low”. But in recent years, gang wars between residents have increased so much that the north of the country has reached the second highest security level.

In South America you can only travel safely to Argentina, Chile and Paraguay.

If you want to travel in the risky countries, you can still do so in the country, because the situation is almost as peaceful as in Germany.

The 10 most dangerous travel destinations