Sure You Look the Part: Standards in the Blazer and the Shirt

The combination of prints is a subject which scares away some men, but it is a concern with ground, a false step the ace of the fashionable turns over the ass of the fashion, therefore it is important to train the eye for this kind of harmony if you want to increase your skills in terms of style.

Sure You Look the Part Standards in the Blazer and the Shirt

Why does it work?

Starting from the top we can already praise the combination of colors, the brown and the blue that are so in vogue in recent years, but there is also an interesting pairing between the textures of the shirt and the blazer, visually pleasant, finally getting to the standards: the window pane and the micro floral print very light and spaced, this difference between the weight and attention given to each one of them is the reason for the success of the look, because there is no dispute for the attention of those who look, the squared and dominates the small figures appear as a touch more.

The color palette of the safe continued on twill pants in white with the details of the dash brown, the belt and the chukka boot combining.

It is a casual look elegant and sophisticated on the extent the right to work or a wind day that requires an outfit that impose respect without being formal.

Try this…

swap the white pants for a dark denim, I know that is a radical change to this look, but a lot of people does not see so much attention on the lower part, which is completely understandable. View a blazer lighter and replace the boot by a-sider, and you have a costume for days a little warmer.

It would not be the same thing if…

the parts of the top were smooth, there would be much greater attention in the pants, which can’t be a good one, especially for those who is too high, the ideal is to always play the look up.

In short:

  • Train combination of prints is a good way to master the subject;
  • Pay attention to the examples that you see on the internet, you could learn a lot;
  • Colors, textures, prints, everything cooperates to call attention to the right parts of the body;
  • Prints with different weights are easier to match, this example proves it;
  • Swap the white pants for a dark denim if the piece is not in your repertoire;
  • Parts of the smooth, does not attract the eye as much as the stamped.

Additional tips:

For chubby – the window pane can make it appear that you are more bulky, but you can try the same trick with a blazer pinstriped, after all you do not need to, nor should you, copy the example exactly as it is!

For kids – here the cut in the silhouette is cruel, so get ready to lose some inches, but you can compensate a bit by choosing a work boot with thick sole.

For altões – attention to the trim of the pieces, much cloth left over can leave you looking like a scarecrow in this case, opt for the slim fit.

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