Slovenia 2015

Slovenia Capital City

Yearbook 2015

Slovenia. In March, the Constitutional Court annulled the verdict against former Prime Minister Janez Janša, who in 2013 was sentenced to two years in prison for corruption. He was set free and a new trial was ordered. In September, a court dropped the charge against Janša.

According to COUNTRYAAH, Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia which is located in Southern Europe. Parliament passed a law on same-sex marriage, but it sparked strong protests among conservative politicians who, with the support of the Catholic Church, collected signatures demanding a referendum. The Constitutional Court gave the go-ahead to allow voters to decide on the issue and in December they voted down the proposal.

After the summer, refugees on their way to Northern Europe began to flow to Slovenia, since Hungary closed its borders. Slovenia introduced border controls but made it increasingly difficult to manage the influx. In October, a special law was passed that gave the military the right to help at the borders. Some days, more than 10,000 people came across the border. Slovenia called for help from the rest of the EU and received EUR 10 million in support in November.

Parliament voted in April to dismiss Defense Minister Janko Veber since he ordered the army security service to analyze the consequences of the planned sale of the state telecommunications operator.

Slovenia Capital City