Serbia 2015

Serbia Capital City

Yearbook 2015

Serbia. Parts of the growing influx of refugees sought a path through Serbia and tens of thousands of people passed through the year on their way to the EU. According to COUNTRYAAH, Belgrade is the capital of Serbia which is located in Southern Europe. Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić protested when Hungary began building a fence along the 17-mile border in the summer to stop migrants. During the autumn, unrest erupted as refugees were prevented from entering Hungary.

Eventually, like several neighboring countries, Serbia also decided to basically only allow refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, which caused hundreds of refugees from other countries to be stranded mainly at the Macedonian border.

Prime Minister Vučić visited Bosnia in July to attend the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre. However, he was evicted and expelled from the site by Bosnians who accused Serbia of participating in genocide. Eight people arrested earlier in the year were indicted in September for the murder of several hundred Muslims outside Srebrenica in 1995.

Following talks during the EU mediation, in August Serbia and Kosovo signed several agreements on, for example, Kosovo Serbian autonomy as well as telecommunications and energy. The settlement of the Kosovo Serbs in northern Kosovo prompted Albanians in southern Serbia to demand similar autonomy.

It cracked in the mere year-old government coalition between Vučić’s Nationalist Party SNS (Serbian Progressive Party) and the Socialist Party SPS (Serbian Socialist Party) and speculation was made at the end of the year. Vučić announced in October that no immediate new election was in question. He stated as a reason that it would be “politically irresponsible” given Serbia’s ongoing campaign to prevent Kosovo from joining the UN agency UNESCO.

Defense Minister Bratislav Gašić was dismissed in December after causing a protest after sexist statements about women journalists.

Serbia Capital City