Panama 2015

Panama Capital City

Yearbook 2015

Panama. According to COUNTRYAAH, Panama City is the capital of Panama which is located in North America. President Juan Carlos Varela made an effort during the year to improve the image of Panama, which emerged as a notoriously corrupt tax haven. Among other things, extensive corruption allegations against former President Ricardo Martinelli (2009-14) were investigated, and in early April he was deprived of his legal immunity to be subject to a criminal investigation. In June, the prosecutor’s office also decided to initiate a preliminary investigation into bribery from the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht after its CEO was arrested in Brazil. Among other things, Panamanian bank accounts should have been used to secure a contract for Odebrecht to build Panama City’s new subway, worth $ 2 billion. But Panama also ended up on the EU’s black list of tax havens, published June 17 with countries where money laundering.

In June, the Cocolis locks were filled on the Pacific coast, which marked the completion of the extensive redevelopment of the Panama Canal. The work was expected to be completed by the beginning of 2016.

At the same time, a hydropower building caused major protests from the indigenous people on the Tabasará River in the province of Chiriquí. The government temporarily halted construction in February for environmental reasons, but protest groups blocked one of the country’s major highways after President Varela refused to meet the demand to completely shut down the project. The indigenous people of the area fear that their settlements will be submerged if completed. Panama has long been hit by recurring energy problems with major power outages, and Varela claims the project is of national interest, while a majority of the country’s population supports the demands of protest groups.

Panama Capital City