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Palanga Attractions

Attractions in Palanga

As a typical seaside resort, it is not to be expected that Palanga has as much to offer as the capital Vilnius of typical attractions. But this coast is characterized by beautiful scenery, and Palanga itself has a long history, and therefore some attractions to offer.

The Amber Museum in Palanga

Here you hit “two flies in a snap” since the Rav Museum is located in the beautiful palace of Tiskeviciai. Amber goes for being the gold of the Baltic. In reality, there are more than 40 million years old resin, yellowish-brown in color, and often with well-preserved insects or spiders visible within the petrification itself. In this museum you will see some of the most beautiful amber stones and amber jewelery in the world. Address Vytauto 17.

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Tiskeviciai Palace

This palace which houses the Rav Museum (Amber) was built by the German architect Franc Svechten. The address is Vytauto 17, at the botanical garden. The picture above is taken from the palace and shows the beautiful garden.

Palanga Botanical Garden

If there are too many party-minded people in the center of Palanga, this park is a wonderful and smart excursion destination. You will find it at the south end of Vytauto Street. It is the famous French landscape architect Eduard Rene Andre who stands behind this beautiful park which was built in 1848.

Palanga Attractions

The hillside Birute

A little southwest of the Rav Museum you will find a hillside that once in history was a place that the heathen considered a sanctuary. Today, romantic youth (and adults) migrate here. In summer there is occasional reading of poetry at Birute. We primarily recommend a trip to the top for panoramic views of the amber coast of Palanga.

Church of Santa Maria

This neo-Gothic church is not one of the largest, but it is beautiful. With a tower of about 76 meters, the church is also the tallest building in the city. The church dates back to around 1900. The church is located on the street Basanavicius in the center of Palanga.

Gates J Basanavicius

If there is a place a street can be an attraction, then it must be in Palanga. Together with the sea bridge, this is where people meet. The street is the same for Palanga, as Las Ramblas is for Barcelona, in other words a tourist trap of good and bad. Here it is full of street performers, party people, music, bars, restaurants, shops and everything else that belongs to a hot summer day or summer evening.