Orleans County, Vermont Weather

Orleans County, Vermont is located in the northeastern part of the state and is home to a population of 28,209 people. According to wholevehicles.com, the county was founded in 1792 and was named after the Duke of Orleans who served as regent for France at that time.

The county seat is located in the town of Newport which is home to a variety of attractions such as The Old Stone House Museum, The Coolidge Homestead, and the Haskell Free Library and Opera House. Additionally, there are several parks located throughout the county such as Lake Willoughby State Park and Jay Peak Resort which offer visitors plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy.

The history of Orleans County dates back to the early 1700s when it was inhabited by various Native American tribes including Abenaki, Mohawk, and Penobscot. During this period, many settlers arrived in the area looking for new opportunities and eventually established towns such as Derby Line, Coventry, Glover, Lowell, Troy, Westfield and more.

In terms of famous people from Orleans County there are several notable individuals who have called this region home over the years including former U.S Senator George Aiken who was born in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom; philanthropist Jay Pritzker who owned a summer home on Lake Willoughby; actor Patrick Dempsey who spent his childhood summers in Craftsbury; author Howard Frank Mosher whose works often featured his hometown of Irasburg; poet Robert Frost who lived near Ripton; former Vermont governor Jim Douglas who grew up in Middlebury; former U.S Secretary Of State Madeleine Albright whose family had a farm near Derby Line; and actor/director Ethan Hawke whose family has lived near Craftsbury for generations.

Orleans County offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience rural life combined with plenty of attractions and activities that make it a great destination for travelers looking to explore Vermont.

Climate and weather in Orleans County, Vermont

According to mcat-test-centers.com, Orleans County, Vermont has a humid continental climate with four distinct seasons. Summers are typically warm and humid with average temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to the low 80s. Winters are cold and snowy with temperatures often dropping below zero. Spring is usually mild and wet while fall is cool and dry.

Precipitation in Orleans County averages around 40 inches per year, mostly in the form of snow during the winter months. Snowfall accumulation varies from year to year but generally ranges between 60 and 80 inches each season. Average snowfall amounts increase as you go further north in the county, reaching up to 200 inches of snow annually in some areas near Lake Willoughby.

The spring months bring thunderstorms, which can be severe at times, as well as occasional tornadoes which mostly occur between May and July. The summertime brings more moderate weather with occasional heat waves and occasional bouts of heavy rain or even hail storms that can cause damage to crops or property.

In terms of sunshine, Orleans County receives about 2,500 hours each year making it one of the sunniest regions in Vermont. The days are longest during summer when there are nearly 17 hours of daylight while winter days are much shorter with just 8 hours of light on average.

Orleans County’s climate is generally mild compared to other parts of northern Vermont but be sure to bring plenty of layers if you plan on visiting during the winter months.

Transportation in Orleans County, Vermont

Orleans County, Vermont is served by a variety of transportation options. Drivers in the county have access to Interstate 91 which runs through the region from north to south, connecting it with other parts of the state. In addition, there are several smaller roads and highways that provide access to local destinations.

Public transportation is available throughout Orleans County with the Vermont Agency of Transportation providing bus service between towns and cities within the region. The Green Mountain Transit Authority also offers a variety of services including express routes between Burlington and Stowe as well as local routes within Orleans County.

For those who prefer to travel by air, Burlington International Airport is located about an hour away from Orleans County and offers flights to major cities throughout the United States. There are also several small airports located in towns throughout the county that offer charter services for those looking for a more personalized travel experience.

The area’s rail system includes Amtrak’s Vermonter service which stops at stations in Derby Line, Island Pond, St. Johnsbury, and White River Junction. This train also connects passengers with Montreal in Canada as well as other destinations along its route including New York City and Washington D.C.

For those looking to explore Orleans County on foot or bike, there are plenty of trails that can be used for hiking or biking excursions or even just leisurely strolls through nature. The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail offers over 30 miles of trail running through some of the most scenic areas in all of Vermont while Burke Mountain has miles of trails perfect for mountain biking enthusiasts.

Cities and towns in Orleans County, Vermont

According to COUNTRYAAH.COM, Orleans County, Vermont is home to a variety of cities and towns that make up the region. The largest city in the county is Newport with a population of over 4,000 people. This city is known for its quaint downtown area which features small shops and restaurants as well as a variety of historic sites. Other larger cities in the county include Derby Line, Barton, Glover, and Irasburg.

In addition to these larger cities, there are several smaller towns located throughout Orleans County. These towns are often smaller in size but still offer plenty of attractions to visitors like craft breweries and wineries as well as outdoor recreation areas like Lake Willoughby or Crystal Lake State Park. Some of these towns include Coventry, Albany, Troy, Lowell, Westfield and more.

No matter where you visit in Orleans County you can expect to find plenty of natural beauty and outdoor activities to enjoy such as fishing on one of the many lakes or rivers throughout the region or taking a hike through some of the nearby state parks or national forests. There are also plenty of cultural attractions including museums and historical sites that offer insight into the area’s rich history and culture.