Oman 2015

Oman Capital City

Yearbook 2015

Oman. According to COUNTRYAAH, Muscat is the capital of Oman which is located in Western Asia. Sultan Qabus ibn Said returned to the country in March after spending more than six months in Germany where he received cancer care. He then rarely appeared in public, but appeared on television shortly before his 75th birthday in November, in preparation for a cyclone approaching the country. Qabu’s age and morbidity were a cause for concern in the country; the sultan who has ruled the country a lot since 1970 has no heirs.

Oman continued to play a role as regional mediator and through discreet diplomacy tried to resolve several of the difficult conflicts in the region: in Syria and Yemen and at the settlement reached by Iran during the year with the Western powers over its nuclear program. The country stood as the only country on the Arabian Peninsula outside the war in Yemen and, unlike the other good relations with Shi’ite Iran, was also alone in not having broken completely with the Syrian government.

In June, Oman received six Yemenites from the US Guant芍namo detention camp in Cuba. The six had been held in the camp for about 13 years, with no formal charges. One of them had hunger strike since 2007, but was subjected to forced feeding.

Elections to the country’s advisory assembly were held in October. Of 590 candidates for the 85 seats, 20 were women. Since parties are not allowed, everyone stood as independent. Only 25 former members were re-elected. The turnout was stated to be 56%.

Oman Capital City