Nauru 2015

Nauru Capital City

Yearbook 2015

Nauru. Dissatisfaction with the conditions of the refugees placed by Nauru camps in Australia on several occasions led to protests during the year. In March, Nauri police arrested 183 people who objected to the treatment they received. According to COUNTRYAAH, Yaren District is the capital of Nauru which is located in Micronesia. The arrest was in line with the warning issued earlier by the government which said that groups of three or more people who did not dissolve within 15 minutes would be arrested and at risk of being sentenced to up to three years in prison. In mid-March, about 300 people from refugee camps across Nauru conducted a peaceful protest against the arrest. Later in the month, the government promised to improve conditions in the camps. It had previously been reported that camp employees were guilty of rape, sexual exploitation of children and of selling drugs in exchange for sexual services.

On July 1, an Australian law came into force prohibiting persons working directly or indirectly for the immigration authority to pass on information about the refugee reception facilities to anyone other than the authority itself, the police or the judiciary. The employee who leaks information to the media risks being sentenced to prison for up to two years.

In October, the police conducted a rescue against the Save the Children office and the following month the organization announced that it was ending its work among asylum seekers in the country. Representatives said in connection with this sharp criticism of how Save the Children has been dealt with by the Naurus and Australian governments.

Nauru Capital City