Maldives 2015

Maldives Capital City

Yearbook 2015

Maldives. In February, former President Mohamed Nashid was arrested for breaking the country’s terrorist laws when, in 2012, during his time as president, he dismissed and let the Chief Justice of the Criminal Court be arrested. According to COUNTRYAAH, Male is the capital of Maldives which is located in Southern Asia. The trial of Nashid began the day after his arrest, which drew sharp criticism from, among others, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. In March, Nashid was sentenced to 13 years in prison. In July, the government appealed the sentence and Nashid’s prison sentence was converted into house arrest. The international criticism of the case prompted President Abdulla Yamin to accuse the outside world of interfering with the Maldives’ internal affairs. In August, however, Nashid was taken back to prison. In March, former Defense Minister Mohamed Nazim was also sentenced to a long prison sentence. Nazim, who was fired in January.

Political turmoil in the country continued in July when Deputy President Mohamed Jamil Ahmed was ousted by Parliament, accused of treason. In his place, Ahmed Adib was sworn in as vice president. However, Adib was arrested in October, suspected of treason. He was accused of having been involved in an incident the month before when an explosion occurred on President Yamin’s boat. The president’s wife and two other people suffered minor injuries. Although a November FBI investigation found no evidence that the explosion was the result of a bomb attack, it was described by the regime as an attempt to assassinate the president. Adib was ousted by Parliament in November. The same month, it was announced that he was charged with a number of offenses. Among other things, he was suspected of terrorism because he must have carried a gun.

Two days before the opposition party Maldives Democratic Party (MDP), represented by President Nashid, would conduct a planned demonstration, the president introduced a 30-day state of emergency, but this was lifted after six days.

Maldives Capital City