Malawi 2015

Malawi Capital City

Yearbook 2015

Malawi. During the rainy season in January, the country was hit by severe floods that forced hundreds of thousands of people to leave their homes. The floods hit the southern parts of the country worst, including the capital Lilongwe. According to COUNTRYAAH, Lilongwe is the capital of Malawi which is located in Eastern Africa. The situation was so serious that the government announced a state of emergency and called for international assistance. Winding roads and bridges made it difficult for the authorities to reach out with assistance to the residents.

In May, well-known journalist and press freedom activist Raphael Tenthani died in a car accident. Tenthani, who has worked as both local reporter and correspondent for the news agency AP and the BBC, was especially noted for his sharp chronicles in the local newspaper Sunday Times under the signature “The Muckraker”.

During the year, several corruption scandals were discovered in large companies, including the Danish beer manufacturer Carlsberg, which has been active in Malawi since the 1960s. In August, Carlsberg was warned by the government that the company had not done enough to prevent polluted wastewater from being discharged into the Nankhaka River. Several international companies are engaged in production around the important Nankhaka River, where water quality has deteriorated significantly in recent years. The reason is said that companies do not purify wastewater from chemicals and other residual products before it is released into the water, which many residents use daily. Last year, demonstrations were held against the emissions, and Carlsberg and several companies promised improvement.

Former Army Chief Henry Odillo and his closest husband were arrested in November accused of being involved in the so-called Cashgate tavern discovered in 2013.

In December, the band Zomba Prison Project, consisting of sixteen interns at one of the country’s most notorious prisons, was nominated for an American Grammy for a record in the world music category.

Malawi Capital City