Kiribati 2015

Kiribati Capital City

Yearbook 2015

Kiribati. The tropical cyclone Pam, which in March caused great devastation, especially in Vanuatu, also hit Kiribati. In the islands of Arorae and Tamana, about half the population had their homes destroyed.

In July, the Kiribati man who sought asylum in New Zealand with reference to the impact of climate change on his home country was rejected by the New Zealand Supreme Court. Ioane Teitiota, as the man is named, refused to return to Kiribati when his visa expired in 2011 and has struggled to obtain asylum ever since. In its opinion, the Supreme Court ruled that even if Kiribati undoubtedly faces challenges, Teitiota would not be in serious danger if he returned there. The Court also pointed out that there was no evidence that the Government of Kiribati failed to take measures to protect its citizens from the harmful effects of environmental degradation. Earlier in the month, the country’s president Anote Tong again called on the outside world to start taking action to help countries already affected by climate change.

On December 30, the first round of the parliamentary elections was held. According to COUNTRYAAH, Tarawa Atoll is the capital of Kiribati which is located in Micronesia. A second round was announced the following week in constituencies where none of the candidates succeeded in getting a sufficiently large share of votes.

Kiribati Capital City