How to Get to Nicosia, Cyprus

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Travelers from Russia usually get to Nicosia via Larnaca, where direct flights arrive daily from Moscow and 4 times a week from St. Petersburg. Es Seven, Kiprus Airways, Aeroflot, Pobeda, Ural Airlines, Rossiya fly. Travel time is about 4 hours from the capital and about 5 from St. Petersburg.

Note: according to allcitypopulation, the population of Cyprus is 1.216 million (2021).

From Larnaca airport to city

From the airport to Nicosia about 50 km, the most convenient way to get there is a shuttle bus that runs daily and around the clock every 1-3 hours. The journey will take about 35 minutes.

If the arrival time does not fit the shuttle schedule, you can go by public transport. First you need to get to the Larnaca bus station by buses No. 407, 418, 419 or 429, and then transfer to a flight to Nicosia, about an hour on the way. This is the most profitable option, but it will take more time.

Faster and more convenient by taxi – in half an hour and 45 EUR. It makes sense to book a car in advance, so you can save a little.

To Nicosia from Paphos

Another international airport is in Paphos. Getting to Nicosia through it is not so convenient, since the distance between cities is 140 km. A shuttle runs from the airport to the capital three times a day, the journey takes about two hours. You can also take a bus with a change in Paphos or a taxi for 120 EUR.


Initially, a small settlement was called Ledra, later the city was renamed in honor of the son of the Egyptian ruler Ptalimeus, who ruled in these parts, and over time, the Greeks began to call him in their own way – Lefkosia. Throughout its long history, the city was repeatedly destroyed almost to the ground, but over and over again it was reborn and became larger. Nicosia began to develop most actively in the 10th century, when the French feudal lords, the Lusignans, took possession of it. In the Middle Ages, the Venetians came to these lands, they made a huge contribution to the development of the city and gave it a special status. Numerous Gothic-style Catholic cathedrals and a unique defensive rampart testify to their stay here.

Today, Nicosia is the administrative and business center of the island, where all government agencies and offices of large companies or financial organizations are located. In addition, it is the cultural capital of Cyprus with a huge number of museums, exhibition halls and galleries, architectural attractions.

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Nicosia Hotels

There are not many hotels in Nicosia for the capital, but among them there are very good options for any budget: from modest hostels to decent hotels, although in most of them you cannot count on special luxury. A good double room in a “treshka” costs 60 EUR, a place in a hostel can be rented for 20 EUR. And expensive “fives” rent rooms for 150-200 EUR per day. A good option is apartments, they can be accommodated by a company of up to 6 people, and such accommodation costs 40-50 EUR per night.

Travelers usually tend to stay in the very center, near Ledra Street, where accommodation is more expensive by 5-10 EUR per day, but this is really the most convenient location.


Although big Nicosia stretches for many kilometers, all the main attractions are within walking distance. You can travel long distances on municipal buses – they are very inexpensive, but not very convenient: route cancellations are not uncommon, most are not equipped with air conditioning. A single ticket can be bought from the driver, but day/night, weekly or monthly passes can only be bought at the bus station.

Taxis in Nicosia can be literally of all stripes. You can recognize the car by the plate with the letter “T” and the number. Be sure to make sure that the meter is turned on when landing. A trip around the city costs 10 EUR.

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The central part of Nicosia is almost all pedestrian, but even where there are cars, there are few of them, you can comfortably ride a bike. There are no equipped tracks in the center, but it’s still nice to ride. But you can’t move along the sidewalks: they are very narrow. There are several rental stations in the city, in addition, you can pre-order a bike on the Internet. But it is better to take a mountain model, as the height difference in some places is very impressive.

Rent a Car

In order to explore the capital of the island, a car is not required. But for moving between cities, it will be very useful. There are a lot of car rental companies: from international Hertz, Avis, Europcar to local ones. You can rent a car upon arrival at the airport, but it is more profitable in Larnaca, especially if you book in advance.

The traffic on the island is left-hand drive, some companies offer both right-hand drive and left-hand drive cars.

Parking is mostly paid, it is most convenient for travelers to stop at the city wall (outside) and near the bus station. There is also a large parking lot inside the walls, not far from the Archbishop’s Palace. Payment can be one-time or hourly.

The police are loyal to tourists and are always ready to help, as are the locals. But, despite the good location, it is better not to break the rules, since the fines here are significant, although not very large by European standards. The rented cars have red numbers.

Nicosia Hotels