Honduras 2015

Honduras Capital City

Yearbook 2015

Honduras. The widespread corruption was one of the main political areas during the year. Several grassroots groups demanded the establishment of an independent international commission to deal with the impunity of corrupt politicians.

According to COUNTRYAAH, Tegucigalpa is the capital of Honduras which is located in North America. Nationwide protests in the form of torchlight trains with thousands of participants erupted in May after new corruption cases were revealed. Among other things, $ 114 million from the state Social Security Institute had disappeared and some ended up with the ruling National Party (PN) to fund President Juan Orlando Hernández’s 2013 election campaign. The Left Radical People’s National Resistance Front (FNRP) organized a nationwide strike October 1 requirement. However, such a commission (called MACCIH) has already been formed on the initiative of the American cooperation organization OAS and with the support of the US, but the FNRP accused it of not being sufficiently independent and going to the present government’s affairs. Another group, Los indignados (“The Indignants”), demanded a commission similar to that found in Guatemala for several years (CICIG). President Hernández, who supports the idea of ​​MACCIH and denied all personal involvement in the Social Security scandal, in turn accused in 2009 President Manuel Zelaya of politicizing the issue rather than addressing the main problem of corruption. Zelaya demanded, among other things, a referendum on the matter.

The notoriously high murder rate in Honduras fell for the first time in many years. Already in 2014, the number of murders dropped by 10% from the record year 2013, when 7,172 people were murdered, and in 2015 the murder rate is assumed to decrease further by 29%. The biggest decline was in the hard-hit industrial city of San Pedro Sula. The reason is believed to be faster action and better coordination between the authorities involved.

Honduras Capital City