Grant County, New Mexico Weather

Grant County, New Mexico is located in the south western region of the state and is bordered by Luna and Hidalgo Counties to the south, Sierra County to the east, Catron and Socorro Counties to the north, and Arizona to the west. As of 2019, Grant County had an estimated population of 29,395. According to, the county was established in 1868 as one of New Mexico’s original nine counties and was named for Ulysses S. Grant who served as a Union Army General during the American Civil War.

The county seat is Silver City which is also its largest city with a population of 10,919 people as of 2019. This city has a rich mining history which dates back to when it was founded in 1870 by miners searching for silver ore. Today, Silver City has become known for its vibrant art scene featuring galleries, shops, museums, and festivals such as ArtWalk that take place throughout the year.

Other cities in Grant County include Bayard with its historic downtown area; Hurley which is home to many outdoor recreational activities; Santa Clara which has preserved adobe buildings from its founding days; Cliff which offers stunning views of nearby mountains; Tyrone with its copper mine; Fort Bayard which features a historic military fort; Mule Creek with its abundance of wildlife; Central where visitors can explore ancient ruins at Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument; Fierro where visitors can enjoy hot springs at Gila Hot Springs Recreation Area; and Hanover known for its ghost town tours.

In addition to these cities Grant County also includes numerous unincorporated communities such as Buckhorn, Chloride, Datil, Lake Roberts-Mimbres-San Lorenzo-Tyrone-Virden also known as “The Five Corners” due to their intersection at US 180 just outside Silver City.

Grant County has produced several famous people over the years including actor Barry Corbin who starred in films such as No Country For Old Men and TV shows like Dallas and Northern Exposure; musician Jana Stanfield who wrote songs for artists such as Kenny Rogers and Garth Brooks; actor/director Kiefer Sutherland who starred in films like Stand By Me and TV shows like 24; author Cormac McCarthy whose works include Blood Meridian and No Country For Old Men; astronaut Ellen Ochoa who became the first Hispanic woman in space aboard Space Shuttle Discovery mission STS-56 in 1993; novelist Tony Hillerman whose works include Dance Hall Of The Dead and Skinwalkers set within Native American culture around his home state New Mexico.

Grant County offers something for everyone from bustling cities with plenty of attractions to small rural towns offering an array of outdoor activities that make this area so appealing for visitors as well residents alike.

Climate and weather in Grant County, New Mexico

According to, Grant County, New Mexico is located in the southwest United States and is part of the Chihuahuan Desert Region. The county offers a warm and dry climate with temperatures ranging from hot summers to mild winters. It is known for its sunny days, with an average of 300 days of sunshine per year.

The summer months in Grant County tend to be hot and dry with temperatures reaching up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius). During this time, thunderstorms can occur but they usually do not last long and are often accompanied by strong winds.

In the winter months, temperatures drop to lows of around 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius) and snowfall is rare but can occur occasionally. During this time, the air tends to be dry and clear allowing for beautiful sunsets that light up the desert sky.

Rainfall in Grant County is minimal throughout the year with an average of only nine inches (23 centimeters) annually. Most of this rainfall occurs during the summer months in short bursts that quickly evaporate due to high temperatures. This lack of rainfall leads to long periods of drought which can cause problems for local residents and businesses alike as water resources become scarce.

The elevation in Grant County ranges from 4500 feet (1371 meters) up to 7500 feet (2286 meters). As a result, nighttime temperatures tend to be cooler than during the day due to lower atmospheric pressure at higher elevations. This also leads to more frequent frosts during winter months at higher elevations as compared to lower elevations which rarely experience a frost.

Grant County has a warm climate with mild winters and hot summers that make it ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking or camping. While rainfall is minimal throughout the year, there are still plenty of opportunities for visitors and residents alike to enjoy all that this beautiful region has to offer.

Transportation in Grant County, New Mexico

Grant County, New Mexico offers a variety of transportation options to its residents and visitors. The most popular form of transportation in the county is by car. The county is served by two major highways, Interstate 10 and US Route 180, which connect the area to other cities in Texas and New Mexico. There are also several state highways connecting towns within Grant County such as Highway 152, Highway 478, and Highway 491.

Public transportation is also available for those who prefer not to drive. The Grant County Transit System provides bus service throughout the county with routes running from Lordsburg to Silver City. The buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts and bike racks for easy access to all destinations.

For those looking for a more scenic route, Amtrak’s Sunset Limited train stops at two stations located within Grant County; Lordsburg Station and Deming Station. This train runs three times a week from Los Angeles to New Orleans with stops in between including El Paso and Tucson.

The nearest airport is located in El Paso, Texas which is about 80 miles away from Silver City. The airport offers flights to many major cities throughout the United States as well as international destinations such as Mexico City, Cancun, and Guadalajara.

In addition to these options, there are many private shuttle services operating throughout Grant County offering rides from Silver City to nearby towns such as Deming or Hatch or even farther destinations like Las Cruces or Albuquerque. These services can be booked online or over the phone making them an easy way for travelers to get around the area quickly and conveniently.

Grant County offers a wide variety of transportation options for its residents and visitors alike making it easy for anyone to get around this beautiful region of New Mexico.

Cities and towns in Grant County, New Mexico

According to COUNTRYAAH.COM, Grant County, New Mexico is home to a number of cities and towns that offer a variety of opportunities for residents and visitors alike. Silver City is the county seat and largest city in the area with a population of over 10,000 people. It serves as the economic hub of the county with a variety of businesses, restaurants, and shops located within its downtown area. The city also hosts several festivals throughout the year such as the Grant County Fair and the Silver City Blues Festival which draw in visitors from all over New Mexico.

The town of Hurley is located just south of Silver City and is known for its traditional New Mexican culture. The town hosts numerous events such as rodeos, car shows, and art festivals throughout the year that attract locals and visitors alike. Hurley also has several parks including Hurley Park which offers picnic areas, playgrounds, basketball courts, and a skate park for visitors to enjoy.

The city of Bayard lies at the southwestern edge of Grant County along US Route 180. It is home to about 4,000 people who work in industries such as mining or agriculture. The city also features an 18-hole golf course which attracts golfers from around New Mexico looking for an enjoyable round outdoors.

The small town of Santa Clara lies at the eastern edge of Grant County along Interstate 10 near Lordsburg. This rural community has about 1,500 residents who are mostly involved in farming or ranching activities in this agricultural region. Santa Clara offers plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking trails through nearby mountains or fishing at local lakes making it a great destination for those looking to get away from it all.

The village of Virden lies just north of Silver City near Highway 152 and boasts a population of just over 100 people. This small community was founded by miners in 1883 during one of Grant County’s silver booms but today remains mostly agricultural with farming being its main industry. Despite its small size Virden still offers plenty to do with its many parks like Virden Park which features baseball diamonds, basketball courts, picnic areas, playgrounds, and more.

Grant County is filled with numerous cities and towns each offering something unique to explore making it an ideal destination for anyone looking to experience life in rural New Mexico.