Cyprus 2015

Cyprus Capital City

Yearbook 2015

Cyprus. Following talks between President Nicos Anastasiades and Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, an agreement was reached in February which meant that the Russian fleet had access to Cypriot ports. According to Putin, the main purpose was to fight terrorism and piracy. The Russian Federation was in conflict with the EU because of the conflict in Ukraine but sought cooperation with individual EU countries.

Land area 9,251 km²
Total population 1,266,676
Residents per km² 136.9
Capital Nicosia
Official language Greek, Turkish
Income per capita $ 37,200
Currency Euro
ISO 3166 code CY
Internet TLD .cy
License plate CY
Telephone code +357 (excluding Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus)
Time zone UTC +2
Geographic coordinates 35 00 N, 33 00 O

According to COUNTRYAAH, Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus which is located in Western Asia. The last of the capital controls introduced in connection with the financial crisis two years earlier was lifted in April. Consequently, there was no longer any restriction on transferring money to foreign banks.

When the Turkish Cypriots went to elections in April, the incumbent president Dervis Eroglu was expected to be re-elected. He also received the most votes in the first round of elections, but was unexpectedly defeated in the second by independent leftist politician Mustafa Akinci, who received 60% of the vote.

The election results boosted hopes of a fresh start in the peace talks that were stranded last fall, as Akinci appeared to be significantly less hawkish than Eroglu. Shortly after the election, the new Turkish Cypriot president also met Anastasiades and promised, among other things, to abolish the visa requirement for Greek Cypriots who want to visit the northern, Turkish Cypriot part of the island. In September, for the first time, a meeting was held in which religious leaders on both sides participated and expressed their support for the peace process and towards the end of the year, Anastasiadis and Akinci met regularly. UN mediator Espen Barth Eide expressed confidence in the near reunification of the shared island.

Cyprus Capital City