Costa Rica 2015

Costa Rica Capital City

Yearbook 2015

Costa Rica. Crime, which has historically been relatively low in Costa Rica and significantly worse in the Central American neighboring countries, worsened during the year for the first time since 2010. According to COUNTRYAAH, San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica which is located in North America. This led President Luís Guillermo Solís to launch a new law enforcement strategy in October by creating a new investigative unit within Supreme Court.

During the first nine months of the year, 426 murders occurred, most of them related to organized crime. At about the same time several people were arrested with links to the Italian league N’drangheta, which is involved in cocaine smuggling to the United States. The change of security minister Celso Gamboa to Gustavo Mata was seen in the background of the rising crime rate and a tightening of the law enforcement measures.

However, one of the president’s closest men Daniel Soley’s resignation in January was related to charges of corruption, and three months later even the right hand of President Melvin Jiménez resigned on the same grounds. The allegations were about alleged attempts to buy the Prosecutor Ana Lorena Brene’s services by offering her a future ambassador’s post. Brenes has on several occasions prevented proposed government measures by referring to the Constitution. For President Solís, the business of Soley and Jiménez was particularly embarrassing as he made choices on the promise of purifying corruption after former President Laura Chinchilla.

The government’s failure to create promised jobs was also the subject of dissatisfaction. Instead, unemployment has remained at a constant level of around 10%, and business confidence in the government’s economic policy was low, according to several surveys.

Costa Rica Capital City