Clinton County, New York Weather

Clinton County is a county located in the north-central part of the U.S. state of New York. It is part of the Plattsburgh Metropolitan Statistical Area and is also known as “The North Country”. The county seat is Plattsburgh, while its largest city is Saranac Lake. Clinton County covers an area of 1,118 square miles and has a population of 81,961 people, according to the 2019 Census estimates.

According to, the county was established in 1788 and was named after George Clinton, who was the first Governor of New York State and Vice President of the United States under Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. The region was originally inhabited by Native Americans before European settlers arrived in the late 18th century. During this time, large numbers of French Canadians migrated to this area to work in lumber mills and other industries that were flourishing in Clinton County at that time.

Clinton County has plenty to offer those looking for outdoor recreation, with a variety of landscapes ranging from mountains to rivers and lakes to forests. The Adirondack Park covers much of the eastern half of Clinton County and provides excellent opportunities for camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, skiing, snowshoeing, canoeing/kayaking and more. There are also several state parks located within the county such as Ausable Chasm State Park which features stunning canyons carved by the Ausable River over thousands of years; or Almanzo Wilder Memorial Park which preserves a portion of land that was once owned by Laura Ingalls Wilder’s husband Almanzo Wilder; or even Point Au Roche State Park which offers wonderful views over Lake Champlain from its shores.

In addition to its natural beauty Clinton County also boasts several cultural attractions such as historic sites like Fort Ticonderoga or Hyde Log Cabin; museums like Adirondack Museum or Ausable Chasm Natural History Museum; art galleries like Saranac Lake Artworks Gallery or Plattsburgh City Arts Council Gallery; theaters like Strand Theater or Pendragon Theatre; and even vineyards/wineries like Fledging Crow Vineyards or Stone House Vineyard.

Finally, Clinton County has been home to some notable people throughout history including actor James Earl Jones who grew up in nearby rural Arkport; Pulitzer Prize-winning author Herman Melville who spent his summers at Arrowhead Farm near Plattsburgh; U.S. Vice President Millard Fillmore whose family moved from Cayuga County to Moriah when he was three years old; singer/songwriter Richard Shindell who grew up in Saranac Lake; novelist Mary Cantwell who wrote her memoir Manhattan When I Was Young while living on Valcour Island near Plattsburgh Bay; as well as many other celebrities.

Climate and weather in Clinton County, New York

According to, Clinton County, New York is located in the northern part of the state and experiences four distinct seasons with varied temperatures throughout the year. The area has a humid continental climate, meaning that summers are warm and humid, while winters are cold with significant snowfall. In addition, Clinton County is often affected by lake-effect snow due to its proximity to Lake Champlain.

Spring in Clinton County typically begins in late March/early April and brings mild temperatures with occasional rain showers. The average temperature during this time ranges from lows of around 35ºF (2ºC) to highs of around 60ºF (15ºC).

Summer temperatures in Clinton County begin to rise in June and last through August, with average high temperatures ranging from 70-80ºF (21-27ºC). Humidity levels tend to be higher during this season due to the lake-effect from Lake Champlain. Rainfall is also more common during summer months, with July being the wettest month on average.

Fall arrives in Clinton County in September and brings cooler temperatures along with changing foliage colors. Average high temperatures range from 50-60°F (10-15°C), while lows can dip down into the 30s (0°C). Rainfall increases slightly during this season as well, making for some beautiful autumn days.

Finally, winter arrives in late November/early December and brings cold temperatures along with heavy snowfall due to lake-effect snow from Lake Champlain. Average highs range from 25-35°F (-4 -2°C) during this season while lows can dip down into the single digits (-10 °C). Snowfall averages around 50 inches per year, making it a great place for winter activities such as skiing or snowshoeing.

Clinton County offers a variety of climates throughout the year, making it an ideal destination for those who enjoy all four seasons. From mild summers and colorful falls to snowy winters filled with outdoor activities – there’s something for everyone here.

Transportation in Clinton County, New York

Clinton County, New York offers a convenient and reliable transportation system for its residents and visitors. The county is served by a variety of public transit options, including bus and rail services. The Clinton County Public Transit Authority (CCPTA) provides bus services throughout the county, with routes connecting major cities such as Plattsburgh, Keeseville, and Rouses Point. The CCPTA also offers special services for seniors, students, and those with disabilities.

In addition to the public transit options available in Clinton County, there are several private transportation companies that offer taxi and rideshare services. These companies provide door-to-door service throughout the county as well as to nearby towns and cities. These companies also offer airport transfers to Plattsburgh International Airport (PBG), located just south of Plattsburgh in Chazy Lake.

For those who prefer to drive themselves around Clinton County, there are numerous roadways available for travel. Interstate 87 runs through the northern part of the county from north to south while US Route 9 runs east-west along the southern border of Clinton County. In addition to these two highways, there are several state roads that connect smaller towns within the county such as State Route 22 which connects Keeseville to Chazy Lake or State Route 374 which connects Rouses Point to Mooers Forks.

Lastly, for those looking for an alternative form of transportation in Clinton County, there is a network of bike trails throughout the region which allow cyclists to explore everything from historic sites along Lake Champlain’s shoreline or picturesque views of rural farmland in upstate New York.

All in all Clinton County’s transportation system provides a wide range of options for getting around within its borders or beyond. From public buses and rideshares to highways and bike trails – you can find whatever mode of transport suits you best here.

Cities and towns in Clinton County, New York

According to COUNTRYAAH.COM, Clinton County, New York is a county located in the northeastern part of the state, just south of the Canadian border. The county seat is Plattsburgh, which is the largest city in the county. Other major cities and towns in Clinton County include Keeseville, Rouses Point, Chazy Lake, Mooers Forks, and West Chazy.

Plattsburgh is a vibrant city located on the shores of Lake Champlain. It offers a variety of attractions from historic sites to outdoor recreation areas. The city has several museums such as the Adirondack Museum and the Battle of Plattsburgh Interpretive Center which tell stories about the region’s rich history. Plattsburgh also has many parks and trails for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, biking and boating.

Keeseville is an historic village situated on both banks of Ausable River just south of Lake Champlain. The town has many old buildings from its past including its iconic Keeseville Hotel which dates back to 1805. Keeseville also offers numerous outdoor activities from boating on Lake Champlain to hiking along Ausable River trail or fishing at nearby Trout Pond Park.

Rouses Point lies on Lake Champlain’s northern shore and is home to one of New York’s oldest lighthouses – Rouses Point Lighthouse which was built in 1838. The village also offers numerous historical sites such as Fort Montgomery State Historic Site or Rouses Point Historical Society Museum where visitors can learn more about Rouses Point’s past as well as local artwork and crafts from area artisans.

Chazy Lake is a small town situated on Chazy Lake offering visitors stunning views of beautiful countryside scenery with rolling hills filled with dairy farms and lush forests along its shoreline. There are several outdoor activities available here including fishing at nearby Salmon River Falls or taking a boat ride around Chazy Lake itself for some fantastic sightseeing opportunities.

Mooers Forks lies along US Route 11 between Plattsburgh and Rouses Point offering visitors access to some great local attractions such as Wilder Homestead State Historic Site where you can explore an old farm house that belonged to former US President Franklin D Roosevelt’s great-grandfather or visit nearby Valcour Island National Historic site for some interesting historical information about America’s Revolutionary War battles that took place here during 1776-1777.

West Chazy is situated on both sides of Saranac River offering visitors plenty to do ranging from exploring local wildlife habitats at Saranac River State Wildlife Management Area or visiting nearby West Chazy Public Library for some interesting reading material about local history or culture.

Clinton County provides plenty of opportunities for exploration whether it be through its vibrant cities like Plattsburgh or its charming rural towns like Keeseville – there’s something here for everyone.