Carter County, Tennessee Weather

Carter County, Tennessee is located in the northeastern part of the state and is bordered by Johnson County to the east, Sullivan County to the south, Washington County to the west, and Unicoi County to the north. It covers an area of 472 square miles and has a population of 57,424 as of 2019. The county seat is Elizabethton and other major cities include Johnson City and Bristol.

According to, the area that is now Carter County was originally inhabited by Native American tribes such as the Cherokee and Chickamauga before being settled by European settlers in 18th century. The county was officially established in 1796 from parts of Washington, Sullivan, and Greene Counties. It was named after Landon Carter who served as a judge for both Washington and Sullivan counties during that time.

Carter County offers many attractions for visitors including Roan Mountain State Park which offers plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, boating, horseback riding, golfing, skiing, snowshoeing and more. Other attractions include Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area which features a living history museum with interactive exhibits about the area’s past; Wetlands Water Park which has waterslides; Rocky Mount Museum which offers information on local history; Tipton-Haynes State Historic Site which showcases 19th century architecture; Doe River Gorge which features scenic views; Watauga Lake which provides recreational opportunities such as swimming or fishing; and Warriors Path State Park which has plenty of trails for biking or walking.

Carter County also has several famous people who have called it home including actor Will Arnett who attended Elizabethton High School; country music singer Dolly Parton who was born in Sevierville but raised in Locust Ridge (a small town in Carter County); professional wrestler Triple H (Paul Michael Levesque) who lived in Elizabethton while growing up; former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning whose family moved to Johnson City when he was four years old; NASCAR driver Darrell Waltrip who is from Owensboro (a town in Carter County); country music singer Loretta Lynn who was born in Butcher Hollow (a small community near Pigeon Forge); actor Tom Cruise whose family lived briefly in Kingsport before moving away when he was four years old; baseball player Tony Gwynn whose family moved to Kingsport when he was five years old; former NFL coach Jeff Fisher who grew up in Johnson City; actress Ashley Judd whose mother grew up near Elizabethton before moving away when Ashley was eight years old; author Cormac McCarthy whose family moved to Knoxville when he was six years old but spent summers visiting relatives near Elizabethton until his teenage years.

In conclusion, Carter County offers plenty of attractions for visitors with its natural beauty along with its rich history and culture. It’s also home to many famous people so it’s definitely worth a visit.

Climate and weather in Carter County, Tennessee

According to, Carter County, Tennessee is located in the Appalachian Mountains and experiences a humid subtropical climate. The summers in Carter County are hot and humid, with temperatures averaging around 80-85°F (27-29°C). Winters are mild but can get fairly cold at times, with temperatures dipping down to the low 50s°F (10-12°C) at night.

The spring and autumn months bring moderate temperatures, with highs ranging from the mid-50s to mid-70s°F (10-21°C). Spring is usually a wet season for Carter County, often accompanied by thunderstorms which can produce hail and strong winds.

Snowfall is not uncommon in Carter County during the winter months, but it usually doesn’t accumulate more than a few inches at any given time. The record low temperature for Carter County was -18°F (-28°C) which occurred on January 21st 1985. The record high temperature for Carter County was 102°F (39 °C) which occurred on July 28th 1952.

The weather in Carter County is generally pleasant throughout the year and rarely gets too extreme. It’s a great place to escape from the summer heat or winter chill of other parts of the country. There’s something special about experiencing all four seasons in all their beauty – from lush green foliage in the spring to snow covered mountaintops in winter.

Transportation in Carter County, Tennessee

Carter County, Tennessee is served by several transportation options for both locals and visitors. The county is accessible by air, rail, and road.

The Tri-Cities Regional Airport located in Blountville, TN serves Carter County with daily flights to major US cities such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Washington D.C. Additionally, the Johnson City Municipal Airport offers smaller aircraft services such as charter flights and air taxi services.

The Amtrak station in Johnson City serves as a major rail hub for Carter County with daily service to major cities like New York City and Chicago. There are also several bus lines that provide service to the area from other cities in the region like Knoxville and Asheville.

For those looking to drive their own vehicle to Carter County, there are several highways that run through the county including I-81, I-26, US 11E/19E and US 321. Additionally, there are several state highways which offer access to more rural areas of the county such as SR 362 and SR 67.

Carter County also has an extensive public bus system which runs throughout the county with regular routes connecting Johnson City with Elizabethton, Roan Mountain State Park, Unicoi State Park and other towns in the area. The public bus system is a great way for visitors to explore all that Carter County has to offer without having to worry about renting a car or taking a taxi.

Carter County offers plenty of transportation options for locals and visitors alike whether you’re looking for an easy way to get around town or want something more adventurous like taking a train or plane ride.

Cities and towns in Carter County, Tennessee

According to COUNTRYAAH.COM, Carter County, Tennessee is home to several cities and towns that offer a variety of attractions and activities for visitors.

The county seat is Elizabethton, which is a small but vibrant city with plenty of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. The downtown area offers visitors a unique shopping experience with its many boutiques and antique stores. Additionally, the city is home to some of the best museums in the state such as the Carter County Museum and the Appalachian Cultural Museum.

Nearby Johnson City is the largest city in Carter County with a population of over 65,000 people. It’s home to East Tennessee State University and offers plenty of things to do for both students and visitors alike. With its numerous breweries, restaurants, parks, theaters, music venues, art galleries and more – there’s something for everyone in Johnson City.

Other cities in Carter County include Watauga, Roan Mountain and Hampton. Watauga is known for its outdoor recreation opportunities such as fishing, camping or hiking at nearby Watauga Lake State Park while Roan Mountain offers breathtaking views from Roan Mountain State Park or Doe River Gorge Natural Area. Hampton is a small but charming town that’s known for its friendly locals who are always willing to give advice on where to find the best local spots.

In addition to these cities, there are also several smaller towns located throughout Carter County including Butler, Unicoi and Erwin which each offer their own unique attractions like historic sites or outdoor recreation areas.

Carter County has something for everyone – whether you’re looking for an urban experience or more rural charm – this diverse county has plenty of attractions that will make your visit memorable.