Cap Sciring, Senegal

Cap Sciring, Senegal

Cap Skirring is a cape in the very south of Senegal in the Casamance region, a well-known resort area and a “water” gateway to the southern wonders of the country. The beaches here, not without reason, are considered one of the best in Africa, which is confirmed by the crowds of European tourists that are increasing every year, flocking here like moths to a lantern. Thanks to the warm coastal currents in Cap Skiring, you can swim all year round (which cannot be said, for example, about Dakar or Saly), and a string of coconut trees leaning over the azure smooth surface creates a completely utopian landscape: it seems that such wonderful views can in no way be real.

Note: according to allcitypopulation, the population of Senegal is 17.2 million (2021).

How to get to Cap Sciring

Cap Skiring has its own tiny airport.

From Russia, you must first arrive at Dakar Airport (for example, Air France via Paris, Lufthansa via Frankfurt, Turkish Airlines via Istanbul, Alitalia via Milan, Iberia via Madrid). Previously, a flight of the national air carrier Air Senegal departed from there daily on the route Dakar – Ziguinchor – Cap Skiring, but since 2009 the situation in Air Senegal is unclear: the company declared bankruptcy, then attempts were made to resume commercial activities. Until today, there is no guarantee that there will be air traffic between Dakar and Cap Skiring.

For those who like to travel overland with immersion in the daily life of the country, you can offer a trip from Dakar to the nearby Ziguinchor by minibus or ferry, from where you can get to Cap Skiring by taxi (distance – 75 km.) Or again by minibus.

Alternatively, rent a car at Dakar Airport and drive 450 km in about 10 hours (including ferry crossing the Gambia River).

Movement on the ground

The resort area of ​​Cap Skiringa is easiest to get around on foot: it stretches for only 10 km, and the main hotels are concentrated on a maximum of five. However, you can always take a taxi here or use the services of renting bicycles in one of the hotels.

Cap Sciring Hotels

There are about 30 hotels, campsites and residences in Cap Skiring. Some of the most popular include Club Med (recently renovated after a fire), Résidences des Alizés, Hibiscus, as well as the residences of Villa des Pecheurs and Les Carangues.

The beaches of Cap Sciring

Most of the beaches in the cape area are wild, not counting, of course, those attached to hotels. You can safely swim on wild beaches: the increase in depth here is gradual, and the ocean, as elsewhere, is very clean.

The water in Cap Skiring is always unusually warm: from +23 to +30°C, depending on the season.

Shopping and shops

Senegalese souvenirs can be bought in small shops at hotels. Pay attention to the “kankuran” – traditional masks of the southern region of the country. In Cap Skiring there is also a market for handicrafts (marché artisanal).

Attractions and attractions in Cap-Sciringa

One of the popular excursions is a visit to the Aboriginal village of Cabrousse. During the trip, you can see the traditional dwellings of the villagers, watch ritual dances and listen to chants, as well as watch the national wrestling.

In the national park of the Lower Casamance region, located on the border with Guinea-Bissau, a huge number of animals live on an area of ​​​​5,000 hectares: pink flamingos and colobus monkeys, fantastic galagos and porcupines, mongooses, jackals and buffaloes.

From Cap Skiring, you can visit Guinea-Bissau – organized tours are organized into the country. A visa must be obtained at the Embassy of Guinea-Bissau in Ziguinchor (among other things, it is much cheaper than a similar procedure in Dakar).

The Casamance River, overflowing, forms a vast delta north of Cap Sciring; this is a great opportunity to see firsthand the amazing mangrove forests of the coast of Senegal.

The Club Med has a good golf course.

In addition, guests of Cap Skiring are offered a variety of active entertainment: horseback riding along the coast, walking through forests and villages, trips on quads, fishing, going out to the ocean on pirogues and motor boats and water sports.

Cap Sciring, Senegal