Boone County, Missouri Weather

Boone County, Missouri is located in the Central part of the state and is bordered by Callaway County to the north, Cole County to the east, Moniteau County to the south, and Miller County to the west. According to 2019 estimates, Boone County has a population of 178,225 making it the 7th most populous county in Missouri.

According to, the county was named after Daniel Boone who was an American pioneer and explorer who helped settle Kentucky in 1775. The area was first settled around 1820 by settlers from Kentucky, Virginia, and North Carolina. By 1821 it had become part of Howard County which later became part of Boone County in 1829.

The county seat is Columbia which is home to several attractions including The State Historical Society of Missouri which features a museum and library as well as a research center dedicated to preserving Missouri’s history. Other popular attractions include The Museum of Art & Archaeology which houses artifacts from ancient cultures around the world as well as Stephens College which is one of the oldest women’s colleges in America.

Famous people from Boone County include Mark Twain (author), George Caleb Bingham (painter), Walt Disney (entertainer), Greg Biffle (NASCAR driver), Brad Pitt (actor), and Carrie Underwood (singer).

Boone County offers its residents and visitors plenty to see and do. From historical sites like The State Historical Society of Missouri to modern day attractions like Stephens College there’s something for everyone. With its rich history going back centuries it’s no wonder why this area has been home to so many famous individuals.

Climate and weather in Boone County, Missouri

According to, Boone County, Missouri is located in the Midwestern part of the United States and has a humid continental climate. Summers in the county tend to be hot and humid with temperatures ranging from 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit while winters can be cold with temperatures ranging from 20 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The area also receives an average of 38 inches of rain each year and experiences all four seasons, although spring and fall tend to be milder than summer and winter.

The area also experiences severe weather such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail, and flash flooding due to its location in the Midwest. During the summer months thunderstorms are common with some storms producing strong winds and large hail. Tornadoes are also common during this time of year but most are relatively weak with wind speeds ranging from 65-85 mph.

During winter months Boone County can experience snowfall but it is usually light compared to other parts of the Midwest due to its southern location. Snowfall amounts usually range between 1-3 inches per month but can reach up to 6 inches if conditions are right. Blizzards are rare but can occur when cold air mixes with moisture from the Gulf of Mexico creating heavy snowfall accompanied by strong winds.

Boone County has a diverse climate that offers residents and visitors a variety of weather conditions throughout the year. From hot summers filled with thunderstorms to mild winters filled with snowflakes there’s something for everyone.

Transportation in Boone County, Missouri

Boone County, Missouri offers a variety of transportation options for its residents and visitors. The major highways that run through the county are Interstate 70, US Route 40, and US Route 63 which provide access to nearby cities such as St. Louis, Kansas City, and Columbia. There is also public transportation available in the form of bus services provided by Boone County Public Transportation (BCPT) which offers both local and regional routes throughout the county.

In addition to public transportation, Boone County also has a number of taxi companies that offer services throughout the area. These taxis can be hailed on the street or booked in advance and are an affordable way to get around the county.

For those who prefer to drive themselves, Boone County has several car rental companies located in various towns throughout the county. These companies offer a variety of vehicles ranging from compact cars to luxury SUVs and provide customers with an easy way to get around without having to own a vehicle themselves.

The county also provides bike lanes on many roads for cyclists as well as bicycle rental stations located in some of its larger towns for those who don’t own their own bike. There are also several trails located throughout the area for hikers and bikers alike that provide stunning views of nature while providing exercise at the same time.

Boone County provides its residents and visitors with a variety of transportation options making it easy to get around no matter what your preferred mode is. Whether you take public transportation, drive yourself, rent a bike or even hike along one of our trails there’s something for everyone.

Cities and towns in Boone County, Missouri

According to COUNTRYAAH.COM, Boone County, Missouri is home to a variety of cities and towns that offer a unique blend of rural and urban experiences. The county seat is Columbia, which is the largest city in the county and home to the University of Missouri. To the north of Columbia lies Ashland, a small town with a historic downtown district that’s full of shops and restaurants. Further north is Centralia, which is known for its annual Centralia Balloon Festival held every summer.

Heading south from Columbia you’ll find Harrisburg, an agricultural community with stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Further south lies Sturgeon, an old railroad town that’s full of historic buildings and homes from the early 20th century. Nearby Hallsville is known for its quaint downtown district and is home to several antique stores as well as the annual Hallsville Harvest Festival held each fall.

Other cities in Boone County include Hartsburg, which has become popular for its wine tasting events; Rocheport, which offers visitors access to hiking trails along the Missouri River; McBaine, a small farming community; and Harrisburg Lake Recreation Area which offers camping sites along with fishing and boating opportunities.

In addition to these cities, there are also several unincorporated towns located throughout Boone County including Bonne Femme, Cedar Grove, Elston, Houstonia, Lamine River Valley Park and Stoutsville among others. Each one offers its own unique attractions such as historic sites or outdoor activities making them great places to visit when exploring Boone County.