Beverly Hills, California

Beverly Hills, California

Beverly Hills should be luxury between Hollywood and Los Angeles? Anyone who is a little confused now is in good company. Of course, many know that Hollywood is a part of Los Angeles – and they think Beverly Hills is one too.

However, the vast majority of people who are interested in this part of the world care little about city and administrative boundaries. And admittedly, especially in the case of LA, the situation is really confusing. Especially when Beverly Hills comes into play. This city – yes, it is actually a separate city – is located in the middle of Los Angeles and right next to Hollywood. Quite confused at first glance, but overall relatively easy to explain historically and otherwise just very glamorous and exciting.

Sunset Boulevard and Rodeo Drive

To put it mildly, Beverly Hills could be described as an affluent little community. The city covers an area of ​​almost 15 square kilometers, and has never had more than 33,000 residents here since the 1960s. Anyone who can afford to buy a house in Beverly Hills has made it. The properties are very large across the board, very luxurious in terms of furnishings, and actually always surrounded by magnificent, lush gardens. The latter alone is a sign of extraordinary prosperity in an area that is constantly threatened by water shortages. The most beautiful and splendid properties are, among other things, on the world-famous Sunset Boulevard. One looks in vain for doorbell signs on these buildings. The prominent actors, directors, On the contrary, producers and other luminaries in the film industry do everything to be able to live as anonymously as possible at home. Tourists have to be content with a look at the garden walls.

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On Rodeo Drive, on the other hand, travelers might have a little more luck spotting celebrities. This street is also world famous and it is also located in little Beverly Hills. This is where people shop, but on a very, very big scale! No international designer name is missing, no jeweler who does not offer his precious items for sale here. But there are also great shops with an assortment that is not also offered in other hot spots around the world. It is worth strolling along Rodeo Drive in several ways. Last but not least, you will come across designers there – and in the immediate vicinity – who already have a name in the USA and are now on the verge of international fame.

“The most sophisticated city in California”

Beverly Hills is certainly not lacking in self-confidence. The city fathers like to refer to it as “the most sophisticated city in California”, in other words the most cultivated, most sophisticated city in the sunshine state. In addition to exclusive shopping, first-class spas, hairdressers and other beauty services as well as excellent hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants, Beverly Hills also offers a lot of real sights. In the “Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science”, for example, the visitor not only encounters film history, but also conveniently can watch Hollywood classics right there. Also definitely worth a visit is the “Greystone Mansion”, a building and garden complex that the attentive observer will recognize in various productions of the dream factory.

And what about the city rights now?

That California problems with the water supply has, is not a phenomenon of the 21st century. As early as the 1920s, when Beverly Hills was in full swing as an exclusive place to live for the rich, there were corresponding difficulties. One solution to the problem at the time was to let Los Angeles take over and connect to the metropolis’s water network. Hollywood, for example, still independent at the time, took this path. Things were different in Beverly Hills; the rich residents wanted to maintain their independence and were materially able to finance their own water supply.

By the way, German tourists will also follow in the footsteps of their own history in Beverly Hills. During National Socialism, the small town offered a new home to many creative people who had to or wanted to leave Germany.

Beverly Hills, California