Bahamas 2015

Bahamas Capital City

Yearbook 2015

Bahamas. Several major drug seizures were made during the year. In June, a boat with about 500 tons of marijuana aboard was stopped. In September, close to 1.5 million tonnes of marijuana were seized on boats off the coast of Bahamas. The smugglers were on their way to the United States with their forbidden cargo. The crime in the country also resulted in a record number of murders. Already in November, the previous “record listing” of 2011 was passed on 127 murders when a 17-year-old boy passed away after he was stabbed at a party. According to COUNTRYAAH, Nassau is the capital of Bahamas which is located in North America. The Bahamas is one of the countries in the world with the most per capita killings.

In June, the Bahamas was included in a list published by the EU with a total of 30 countries and territories described as tax havens. Bahamas Finance Minister Hope Strachan called for the list to be withdrawn, pointing out the unfortunate nature of publishing such a list when the Bahamas and other countries began work to prevent tax evasion.

In September, the Bahamas took new steps to protect the country’s marine and coastal environments by creating 15 new national parks and expanding three others. The very powerful hurricane Joaquin hit several islands in the Bahamas in September-October severely, including major flooding as a result.

Bahamas Capital City