In addition to beaches, Hurghada also has beaches.


Flights and tours

Finland has good air connections to Egypt, especially in winter. The direct flight to Hurghada takes about five hours and the nearest airport, Hurghada International Airport, is located about five kilometers from the resort center. Flights to Hurghada cost around € 400-500.

Hurghada is also a destination for many travel agencies. Trips to Hurghada are offered by, for example, Tui and Matkavekka. Hurghada is a popular destination for sudden departures.

Hotels in the darkest clouds

Hurghada is home to tourism and the resort town has almost a couple of hundred hotels. Most hotels are located in their own large hotel areas by the beach. Hotels can be found especially in the modern part of Hurghada, Sekkala.

Hurghada’s hotel offer is mainly of high quality. The resort offers especially medium and good quality accommodation, as well as many spa hotels.

A hotel night in Hurghada costs on average between 30 and 100 euros, depending on the desired level.

Getting around is easy

In Hurghada you can get around by minibus or taxi, for example. Taxis are inexpensive, but the price is good to agree in advance. A taxi ride in the Hurghada region costs from a couple of euros to a few euros. A minibus ride in the resort area costs less than a euro.

For longer trips, buses are a good and affordable means of transportation. A bus trip to Luxor costs a few euros and to Cairo about ten euros.

The local traffic culture differs greatly from the Finnish one, so car rental should be carefully considered before embarking on it. Tourists are required to have an international driving license for driving in Egypt.



The Red Sea is Hurghada’s main asset.

Red Sea

The waters of Hurghada are safe to swim and the water is crystal clear: so it is no wonder that snorkelers and divers love the countless opportunities that open up from Hurghada. The turquoise waters and handsome coral reefs of the Red Sea attract even professional divers from around the world and Hurghada’s kilometers of beach provide a resting place for the exhausted athlete, as well as, of course, an ideal place to relax for sun worshipers.

Hurghada offers diving courses for both beginners and more experienced veterans. Beginners can take basic courses or snorkeling trips starting with beginners, and more experienced ones can take advanced courses. Various diving packages are also available.

Diving courses can be found in the selections of many tour operators and you can also register for the courses on site. For example, the Blue Paradise Diving Center offers the opportunity to dive and snorkel in the Red Sea, and see world-famous coral reefs.

Bazaars of El Dahar

El Dahar’s many bazaar stalls and shops sell a variety of spices, such as saffron and cloves, which give the bazaar areas their intoxicating unique scent. The small shops offer everything from beautiful glass bottles to beautifully embroidered clothes, and the friendly vendors are happy to offer refreshments and showcase their store’s products.

Bargaining is where the friendly nod is. The bazaars are a variety of places to shop with local crafts and artwork. Traditional gifts from Hurghada include decorative, copper ornaments, silver jewelry, embroidered rugs and glass perfume bottles.

Sinbad Aqua Park

Founded in 2006, Sinbad Aqua Park is an extensive water park area with a wide range of water slides and equipment. Sinbad Aqua Park is located next to the hotel of the same name.



The area offers a quality setting for a holiday.

The best activities in Hurghada

  1. Diving
  2. Excursion to Luxor
  3. Finding gifts in bazaars
  4. Sinbad Aqua Park

Security and local customs

Although Egypt is generally a reasonably safe holiday destination, there are occasional unrest in the country. Egyptian protests in 2011 almost emptied the country of tourists, tourists have once again discovered the beauty of the country. The security situation and travel bulletins in Egypt can be followed on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs .

Egypt is a Muslim country and local customs should also be respected by tourists. Mosques and outside hotel areas should be dressed appropriately, meaning both shoulders and knees should be covered. Egyptian law also prohibits sun worship in the topless.

In Egypt, it is customary to give drinking money about 10 percent of the total amount of the bill, for example, in restaurants and cafes.