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Yearbook 2015

2015 YemenYemen. Political chaos and strife turned into a full war during the year that raged in most of the country. The clashes were between President Abd Rabbuh Mansur al-Hadi's government army on the one hand with the support of separatists in the south and an Arab country alliance led by Saudi Arabia, and on the other the Shiite Muslim Huthi rebels supported by Iran and the 2012 President Ali Abdullah Saleh deposed. The war already left the very poor Yemen in severe humanitarian crisis and 21 million people - around 80% of the population - were estimated to be in urgent need of assistance by the end of the year. Nearly 6,000 people were killed in fighting, of which nearly half were civilians, and at least 1.5 million were driven from their homes.

2015 Yemen

According to COUNTRYAAH, the al-Qaeda terrorist group on the Arabian Peninsula (Aqap) also remained active and was also challenged by the Islamic State (IS), which claimed Yemen as part of its caliphate and carried out several attacks. Four suicide bombers who attacked two mosques in the capital Sana in February killed around 140 people in what is said to be the bloodiest assault in the country's history.

The Huthi rebels who took Sana in the fall of 2014 rejected in January the government's proposal for a new constitution. President al-Hadi resigned and fled to his hometown of Aden. In March, the Houthis also entered Aden and the president now fled abroad. At the end of the month, the Saudi-led alliance of ten countries launched air strikes against Yemen for the purpose of pushing back the Huthir bells.

The UN Security Council imposed an arms embargo on the rebels and demanded that they give up conquered territory. At the beginning of May, the Houthis shot down a Saudi border city, which led to escalated air strikes. Mediation attempts were made under the auspices of the UN and a ceasefire was included on several occasions for humanitarian aid to reach out, but each time flames soon sprang up again.

In July, the government side Aden resumed and in September an offensive was launched to reintroduce Sana. Then Saudi Arabia and Qatar also had ground troops in the country. In November, President al-Hadi returned to Aden and at the end of the year, UN-led peace talks were launched in Switzerland.

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