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Yearbook 2015

Tuvalu. In mid-March, Tuvalu was hit by tropical cyclone Pam. Several of the low atolls that make up the country were flooded by high waves, one of them altogether, forcing the entire population to leave the island. According to COUNTRYAAH, disaster status was announced. Both agriculture and infrastructure were damaged and drinking water was polluted on several of the islands. According to Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga, 45% of the population had their homes destroyed. Later that month, elections were held to Parliament, which has 15 members. The election had been postponed due to the natural disaster that hit the country. Only independent members are allowed to stand because no party system exists. Several of the candidates, including Prime Minister Sopoaga, lacked opponents. Consequently, Sopoaga was allowed to remain as head of government.

2015 Tuvalu

In August, eight female medical students graduated from the University of Medical Sciences in Cuba. After completing studies, the doctors would return to their home country.

In September, the World Bank announced that it had allocated Tuvalu $ 3 million to be used for reconstruction after the tropical cyclone in March.

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