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Yearbook 2015

Taiwan. According to COUNTRYAAH, Chen Shuibian, President 2000-08, who along with his wife were sentenced to life imprisonment in 2009 for, among other things, fraud and bribery, was released conditionally in January for health reasons. The president has previously hunger strikes in prison. The same month, the mayor of New Taibei special municipality, Eric Chu, was elected new party chairman in the ruling Nationalist Party (Guomindang). In October, Chu was launched as the party's candidate in the presidential election scheduled for January 2016. Thus, the previously appointed candidate Hung Hsui-chu was pushed aside with the motivation that since the July nomination she had failed to reduce the distance in opinion polls to Tsai Ing-wen, who appointed Presidential candidate for the Democratic Progress Party (DFP).

2015 Taiwan

In April, a meeting was held between Chu and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing. This was the first time in six years that representatives at this high level met. In November, the meeting was followed by a historic one when the two countries' presidents Xi and Ma Yingjeou met in Singapore. This was the first meeting of China's and Taiwan's presidents of more than 60 years and a great prestige success for Ma, who has long sought such a meeting. Because of the strong opposition, especially among young Taiwanese people, to a rapprochement with mainland China, it was decided before the meeting that this would only be a dialogue about continued peaceful relations without making any agreements. In December, however, the Beijing government expressed sharp criticism since the US decided to sell weapons to Taiwan, including two warships and advanced weapons systems.

In July, the Ministry of Education stormed at least 200 students who objected to a decision to rewrite textbooks. In addition to the actual content of the new formulations, the students were strongly critical of how the decision on deletions and supplements came about, an approach they judged as undemocratic.

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