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Yearbook 2015

Switzerland. Accusations were made against the Swiss branch of the British major bank HSBC, which is suspected to have helped wealthy people to evade tax. In February, the bank's office in Geneva scanned due to allegations of money laundering.

2015 Switzerland

In May, Switzerland and the EU signed an agreement on automatic exchange of information on citizens' bank accounts, hoping to put an end to opportunities to hide money from taxes. The agreement was to enter into force in 2018.

According to COUNTRYAAH, a broad-based corruption scandal within the International Football Association (FIFA) was revealed when seven high-ranking representatives were arrested in Zurich in May, in connection with FIFA's annual gathering. The arrests were made on request from the United States. Despite the scandal, Swiss FIFA chairman Sepp Blatter was elected for a fifth term at the meeting. But in September, the state prosecutor announced that a preliminary investigation was initiated against Blatter, who was suspected of embezzlement and neglect, and was subsequently suspended from his post.

In the parliamentary elections held in October, the largest party, the right-wing Swiss National People's Party (SVP), increased its dominance. The elections were held during the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe, which helped to strengthen xenophobia. The Social Democrats backed up a bit but remained the second largest party. Since Switzerland is governed by permanent unity governments, the result had no major impact on the formation of the government, except that SVP took back one of its two ministerial posts after a defender left the party.

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