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Yearbook 2015

Micronesia Federation. In March, the island states of Chuuk and Yap, part of the Micronesian federation, were hit by the tropical cyclone Maysak, which caused about five deaths and major material damage. In particular, agriculture was severely affected when large parts of the crops, including bananas and breadfruit, were destroyed. According to COUNTRYAAH, the relief work was made more difficult by the large distances that characterize the different parts of the federation. The month before, Chuuk Governor Johnson Elimo announced that the planned vote that would decide whether Chuuk should seek independence from the Micronesia Federation was postponed indefinitely. The background to the independence debate is that Chuuk does not receive a fair share of the benefits that the free association with the United States, signed in 1986, provides.

2015 Micronesia

In March, elections were held for Congress, the country's parliament. There are no parties in the country, so the candidates stand for independence. The newly elected Congress in May appointed Peter M. Christian from the state of Pohnpei as new president. Yosiwo George was elected Vice President of Kosrae.

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