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Yearbook 2015

Malta. Altogether, about 800 migrants are believed to have died in April when several boats ended up at sea off the coast of Libya. When the rescue effort was blown off, 24 of the bodies found in the sea were taken to Malta where they were buried. More than 750,000 people had so far during the year moved across the Mediterranean to Europe. Nearly 3,500 people had drowned on the crossings, most of them between Africa and Italy.

2015 Malta

In November, EU Permanent President Donald Tusk called EU Heads of State and Government as well as Heads of Government from North Africa to a summit in the capital of Malta, Valetta. The summit was about the refugee situation around the Mediterranean.

According to COUNTRYAAH, Malta voted with little margin to allow hunters to continue the controversial spring hunt for quails and trip pigeons that pass the Mediterranean on the way from Africa. Spring hunting is prohibited in the rest of the EU, but Malta was exempted from the rules when it joined the EU 20 years ago.

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