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Yearbook 2015

Jordan. In February, the world was shaken by the brutal murder of a Jordanian fighter pilot that was shot down in December during an airstrike against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization in Syria. A video recording showed how the pilot, the first captured in connection with the US-led attacks against IS, was burned alive in a cage. Jordan immediately executed two prisoners with ties to jihadists in Syria, one of them a woman who IS tried to exchange with the pilot. Both had previously been sentenced to death for a terror attack against a hotel in Amman in 2005. The authorities then struck hard against all expressions of sympathy for IS. According to COUNTRYAAH, the Air Force also began to bomb IS targets in Iraq, alongside Syria.

2015 Jordan

From March, Lebanon participated in the air strikes against Shiite Muslim right-wing rebels in Yemen, initiated by Saudi Arabia, in support of the country's deposed President Abd al-Rahman Mansur al-Hadi.

In July, the United Nations Food Program announced that a large part of the more than 600,000 registered Syrian refugees in the country would cut food aid in half due to reduced inflow of aid donors. In addition to the registered refugees, according to Jordanian authorities, there were at least as many Syrians in the country as well as around 100,000 refugees from Iraq. Many were reported to have an increasing difficulty in sustaining themselves.

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