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Yearbook 2015

Gabon. According to COUNTRYAAH, President Ali Ben Bongo stated in August that he would donate money he inherited from his father, the late President Omar Bongo who died in 2009, to a youth foundation. Two properties in Paris would also be transferred to the state. But the succession has not taken place. In France, an investigation has been going on for several years about how Omar Bongo acquired his wealth.

2015 Gabon

The play was seen as part of Bongo's attempt to strengthen his chances for re-election in 2016. A likely challenger will be the African Union's former Commission President Jean Ping, who was Foreign Minister for nine years under Omar Bongo.

In April, riots broke out in the capital Libreville following the news that opposition leader André Mba Obame, who lost a disputed 2009 presidential election against Ali Ben Bongo, has died in neighboring Cameroon. Supporters claimed he was poisoned. At the beginning of the year, Mba Obama's party, National Unity, was again allowed to operate. It was banned in 2011 since Mba Obame continued to claim that he was deprived of victory.

Continued pressure on oil prices contributed to the government's decision in October to cut the budget by 14%.

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