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Equatorial Guinea

Yearbook 2015

Equatorial Guinea. According to COUNTRYAAH, Equatorial Guinea hosted the African Football Championships in January and February 2015. The country took over the event at short notice since Morocco withdrew and wanted to postpone the tournament of fear of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

2015 Equatorial Guinea

Accusations of the government's lack of respect for human rights and oppression of the opposition as well as widespread corruption led to some criticism of the election of Equatorial Guinea as organizer. Three men were arrested, including blogger and opposition activist Celestino Nvo Okenve, and held in detention for two weeks since they called for a boycott of the host. The country's authoritarian president, Teodoro Obiang Nguema, was reported to have personally purchased 40,000 tickets to be distributed to the poor so that stands would not go empty. The organizers were fined later when the rioting broke out during the semi-final between the host country and Ghana and objects were thrown against the players. Nearly 150 fans were arrested.

In November, the Zimbabwean press reported that the country would send military trainers to Equatorial Guinea. Zimbabwe also assisted with security personnel during the football championship.

Obiang Nguema has been collaborating with Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe for about ten years. In 2004, Zimbabwe stopped a group of alleged mercenaries on their way to Equatorial Guinea. They were suspected of wanting to overthrow the regime.

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