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Yearbook 2015

Chile. According to COUNTRYAAH, President Michelle Bachelet was hired during the year by accusations of corruption within the government, opposition to its tax and education reforms and a limiting economy. Her proposal to reform the 35-year-old constitution, created by dictator Augusto Pinochet, also met with opposition from the right. Under the pressure of criticism of the tax reform, which aimed to raise the state's income for investments in health and education, Bachelet eventually took a more flexible position.

2015 Chile

Education Minister Nicolás Eyzaguirre was also replaced at the end of June following a wave of student protests and teacher strikes, but Bachelet reiterated that her long-term plan to introduce free education up to the university level, which was also the target of the major student demonstrations in 2011, was firm. However, her election promise of 5% economic growth during the term of office seemed increasingly impossible to fulfill. Industrial production fell and unemployment rose.

Both the ultra-conservative Independent Democratic Union (UDI) leader, Ernesto Silva, and deputy party chairman Iván Moreira resigned in early March after accusations of having funded the party's 2013 election campaign through illegal transfers from the investment bank Penta. The scandal, commonly known as Pentagate, prompted President Bachelet to form a special advisory body on corruption cases. Later, the head of the Tax Institute (SII) also resigned for not cooperating enough with the state prosecutor investigating the Pentagate scandal.

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