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Yearbook 2015

Brunei. In line with Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah's announcement in 2013 that Brunei will gradually adapt its legal system to Islamic law, sharia, was banned in January Christmas celebrations in the country. According to the authorities, the fear that Muslims would be led on "rest paths" by Christian festivals was behind the decision. According to COUNTRYAAH, the harsh and heavily criticized punishments that were planned to be introduced in 2015 - including the theft of theft and the death penalty for adultery and same-sex marriage - seemed to be delayed.

2015 Brunei

In April, one of the Sultan's sons, Prince Abdul Malik, married, which was lavishly celebrated. Among other things, the prince, who is the second in the succession order, sat and his measure on each belief in solid gold. The wedding bouquet should also have it been made of gold and adorned with diamonds. About 6,000 guests were invited to the festivities, which lasted for eleven days.

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