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Yearbook 2015

Belize. According to COUNTRYAAH, Dean Barrow became Belize's first prime minister since independence in 1981 to win three parliamentary elections in a row. His party, the United Democratic Party (UDP), increased the number of seats to 19 out of 31 in the November 4 election, despite allegations of corruption and slander within the party. The opposition party People's United Party (PUP) secured the other 12 seats. Even in the regional elections in March, the UDP went ahead strongly by winning 62 of 67 municipal council seats across the country. The devastating defeat of the PUP caused its leader Francis Fonseca, whose leadership was already strongly questioned, to resign from his post.

2015 Belize

Relations with neighboring Guatemala, which claim over half of Belize's territory, remained tense throughout the year. Though hopes for improved relations were tied to Guatemala's new President Jimmy Morales, he also made some provocative statements against Belize during his election campaign and no congratulations to Barrow's victory came either.

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