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Yearbook 2015

2015 AlbaniaAlbania. Serbia's Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučič visited Albania in May, after the Albanian counterpart Edi Rama's historic visit to Belgrade six months earlier. There was interest in both countries in trying to improve their relations as the EU placed better regional cooperation as a requirement for membership in the Union.

Local elections were held in June, the first after a merger that reduced the number of municipalities from 373 to 61. dominated by the bourgeois Democratic Party. Women won nine mayoral positions, as well as 35% of council seats.

2015 Albania

According to COUNTRYAAH, the Sazan at the mouth of the Gulf of Vlorė, an island that during the Communist era was a secret military base, opened to the public in August. It was hoped that tourists would be attracted by the 3,600 now abandoned bunkers and kilometer-long tunnels on the island, which is strategically located where the Adriatic meets the Ionian Sea.

Parliament passed a law in December which prohibited persons convicted of serious crimes from holding public office. The EU and the US saw the law as an important step in the fight against corruption and organized crime.

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